Cardlocks are automated, unattended fueling sites designed for commercial fleet vehicles. Open 24/7/365, they have excellent accessibility for larger commercial trucks and are more convenient and efficient than retail fuel sites.
PetroCard customers have access to multiple cardlock networks across the United States and Canada through Pacific Pride and Commercial Fueling Network (CFN). We offer a variety of cards and services that will meet the fueling and security needs of your fleet, wherever you are located.

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Convenient and Accessible Fueling Facilities

Clean and well lit, our cardlock facilities are open 24-hours a day, seven days a week. These stations were designed for commercial trucks with their canopy size and turning radius to the station.

Enhanced Security

PetroCard provides a wide range of solutions that help reduce unauthorized purchases and prevent other security issues. You set the authorized controls for fuel types, locations, and quantity restrictions—giving you complete peace of mind.

Accurate Fuel Management and Reporting

PetroCard’s custom software gives you all the information you need to effectively manage your fleet. We provide detailed reporting and itemized billing for all card purchases on a single invoice. And you can download transaction details, fuel summary reports, tax reports, and much more through our Online Account Access web portal.

Volume Discounted Pricing

PetroCard offers volume discounts and competitive pricing on a wide range of fuel and other products for your fleet.

Volume Discounted Pricing

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